Your Auction Opens Up
to the World with Whitegloves®

Are your halls not full? Is your audience and sales waning due to the Covid-19 epidemic? The solution to your problems is White Gloves!

Why Do You Need Live Auctions?

High bids, neck and neck competition and maximized sales are the common expectancies of auction firms from an auction. You need a high quality network to achieve these. Live stream auction ensures this network of buyers. Thanks to this live stream, you get the opportunity to reach buyers, who cannot physically participate in the auctions, or who live in a different city or country. With your expanding buyer network, your sales also gain momentum. If you haven't yet gone live with your auction before, now is the time!

You Have The Control

A Customizable System
which can be tailored to your needs

Thanks to its architecture, which can be customized in line with your business model, Whitegloves® is always in tune with your needs. Thanks to its easily integrable structure, you can organize online auctions in a few seconds!

Key Factors

Global Buyer Network

It is now very easy to present your auction to global buyers.

White-Label Interface

You can reflect your brand identity with our customizable interface.


We offer your customers the opportunity to track auctions in real time.

Ease of Use

We provide ease of use for both auctioneers and buyers with a simple and understandable design.

Multilanguage Infrastructure

We offer a multilanguage ready platform specifically designed for you.

Mobile Ready

The platform has an interface which is compatible with all mobile devices.


The whole process is executed just, without discriminating the participants in the hall or online.

Competitive Edge

You will become one of the strongest names of the sector by boosting your buyer network, customer portfolio and sales.

Are You Ready to Start?

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